Young Entrepreneurs Network 

Entrepreneurship is tough. Being a student and starting a
venture brings a whole new set of challenges.​
We are building a community of the Nation’s earliest and
brightest entrepreneurs to provide mentoring, support, and immense opportunities.

Who can Join?

If you are a student or a recent graduate or
who are on the innovation path already.,
Join us for more learning and networking



1-1 mentoring sessions​

Legal clinics ​

Founder grooxming​

Finding early adopters

Building Team

Getting resources

How it works?

We sign an NDA before getting into any detailed conversations so that your IP is safe​.
No Equity is taken so that you have complete control over your start-up.

What will you learn?​

1. How to set up your business?​
2. Develop your Idea​
3. Market Research & launch​
4. User research and feedback
​5. Customers onboarding​
6. Investment Opportunities

In addition, we provide​

1. Free access to all our networking events​
2. Access to partner credits​
3. Marketing through our platforms​
4. Network and connects​
5. Pitch Deck ​
6. Finding Early adopters for your business

Enquire for more details​

Join our community anytime for 
network and Knowledge